Terry Cariello

Terry Cariello is a natural born Psychic Medium from Long Island, New York.

Her spiritual gifts were passed down from generations through her father’s side of the family.

Besides being a certified medium, she is a Shaman, Healer, RoHun therapist, Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Minister, Teacher, Mother & Grandmother. She also performs house blessings and clearings.

She is clairvoyant (sees), clairaudient (hears), clairsentient (feels/senses), and claircognizant (knows).

“Life continues on the other side. I am here to be a conduit through spirit, to relay clear messages from your loved ones. I am here to help lighten your heart and to let you know our soul lives on.”

My Services

Psychic Medium Readings

Questions about love, relationships, children and more.

Gallery Events

Hearing from loved ones on the other side.

Ro Hun

Deep rooted Psychotherapy with enlightenment for personal growth & change.


Inner Growth & Energy Healing

Are you ready to take the next step?

All sessions can be done face-to-face, Zoom or Phone readings.

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Smithtown, NY