Helping You Create a Life You Love!

Hi I am Terry!


Terry Cariello worked in the corporate world for over 40 years, spending 25 years of that running her own successful corporation. She learned a lot about business, dealing with people and handling the day-to- day operations of a successful company. It was time for a change. Her friends and family gave her the push and support to do what gives her so much joy. She took that leap of faith and now follows her heart’s desire.

She always was intrigued by the spiritual world. As a child, she would gather her friends up in a neighbor’s attic to hold séances. Since they didn’t know of anyone they could call on, they decided to call in presidents that had passed. Terry had a fondness for Thomas Jefferson so she chose to call him in.

Well, she couldn't understand why Thomas Jefferson kept showing up everywhere. His face would appear on walls, trees, and even in her friend’s fish tank. The background paper of the fish tank had peeled to look like Thomas Jefferson's face. It seemed pretty amazing, Terry and her friends still laugh about this today.

Fast-forward and Terry has seen the faces of other people, as well as animals and the elementals, on walls, paintings, trees and elsewhere. Recognizing them has become one of Terry's gifts.

As Terry matured she developed a strong interest in the spiritual world. So, she began this journey learning from teachers from all around the world.

She learned how to meditate, read angel cards, RoHun cards, became a RoHun Therapist and took Psychic/Medium development classes, Shaman classes, and even learned how to do spirit removal from homes. Pursuing the knowledge through earning the many certifications has allowed her to develop the many gifts she shares with others today.

Life continues on the other side and they hear every word we say. Terry is here to be a messenger through spirit. She receives and shares clear messages for her clients. It may be a message from a loved one or even an animal. The subject could be related to medical issues, your job or love relationship, or simply whatever it is you need to know from spirit at the moment. Terry gives that information to you as she hears, feels or sees it. She is here to lighten your heart and know that love is there for you.