My Dad

In 2012, Terry’s dad was very sick with pancreatic cancer. One night, she was woken around 3:00 am hearing a very loud voice telling her get to the hospital, dad was going to fill up with fluid. She did not know what to do. First thing in the morning, Terry called the hospital to make sure he was okay. Thank God he was.

Three days later, they transferred dad to hospice care. Before going to meet him Terry wanted to pray and ground herself before leaving the house. As she prayed, she asked God, her guides, angels, and family members on the other side to help him cross over. Pleading for them to take him now. She did not want him to suffer anymore.  After asking for this, Terry opened her eyes and before her was Terry’s dad’s face, the size of a basketball appearing to her as a hologram and smiling at her.

Terry talked to her father telling him what she was asking God to do. She told him it was time to let go and let God take you home.

Dad’s happy expression turned to sadness. Terry told him that our souls are meant to be together and that he was not getting rid of her so fast. His smile appeared again.
When Terry arrived at hospice, she learned he took a turn for the worse. He passed short of 24  hours into the year of 2013.

Terry’s dad is the first one who comes to her when she contacts the other side. Even though he is not physically here, his spirit lives on and so does his love for Terry.

Reverend Patricia Duffield

Starting from 2013, Terry lost a lot of family members and friends within a 4 year period. One of them was Reverend/Medium Patricia Duffield.

Besides being a Reverend, she was a medium, teacher, and a very good friend to many. Reverend Pat had a very special bond with Terry. After her passing Terry put her picture on the mantel, she said aloud, “I can’t believe you are gone too.” and started to cry.  Well, Reverend Pat did not want Terry to be sad for her. All of a sudden, as Terry sat in her den, this vale, like a curtain from one side of her wall to another, very slowly began to open. She showed Terry the other side to where she is.
Terry stopped crying and could not believe her eyes. She was seeing blue skies with white clouds. It was just as clear as looking up at our sky. She wanted to tell Terry, “Look at this beautiful place I am in. Don’t be sad for me.


Terry’s ex-husband knew she was a medium, but did not believe. However, that all changed when he passed away.

Again, one night around 3:00 am, Terry woke up by the sound of someone dialing a cordless phone. She did not remember taking her phone to bed so she went back to sleep. The next night around the same time, she woke up again hearing dialing on a cordless phone. Terry knew she did not have the phone in her bed. Terry asked aloud, “Is that you, Richie?”  Well, she got her answer as the phone lit up as though someone was calling her. It stayed lit for about 30 seconds and came back on for another 10 seconds.

For nearly a week, Richie did this just about every night around the same time. Finally, Terry asked, “Can we do this when it is closer for me to wake up for work?” The calls stopped. Later she found the phone that lit up almost every night was a dead phone. There were not even batteries it in. It goes to show you what a spirit can do to get our attention.

Carol & Anna Levesque

Terry has had the pleasure to meet so many beautiful people along her journey. One special person she met was Carol Levesque. Carol lost her daughter a few years back
and came for a reading. Her daughter Anna was such a strong soul that came in for Terry. Carol felt her daughter was very comfortable and like working with Terry. As always, Anna came in very strong with lots to say to her mom.

Carol asked Terry to come to New Hampshire to celebrate her daughter’s 5th anniversary in heaven.  She wanted Terry to see the beautiful memorial garden she created for Anna and asked if she would do a gallery reading for the party honoring her daughter.

Terry was extremely honored. She did not know Anna while she was alive but she had really gotten to know her on the other side. When Terry first arrived on the day of the party and walked through the archway of the garden, the energy was incredibly strong. Terry sat in the garden for a while to take it all in. It was amazingly beautiful experience to feel Anna’s energy. There was so much love in this garden. Terry found it easy to do the gallery readings with the help of Anna and all the love that was all around us.

Anna and Terry did NOT stop there… Back in 2016/2017, Terry had to undergo some treatments. Some days, Terry’s heart would be racing waiting for the treatment to be over. Right from the start, Anna appeared to comfort Terry. Rubbing her arm to let her know she is there and you got this. Terry will never forget the calmness and love Anna gave her every day for 6 weeks. She was her Angel from above!