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  • Home Blessings

    Everything is energy. Terry will cover every nook and cranny of your home with prayer, and other items to make sure this home is going to only have new energy. Your energy to start your new life in your new home.

  • Home/Office Clearings

    This is similar to a house blessing but this goes deeper. Terry will feel any heavy energy that does not belong in your home/office. When she is done, you will feel the difference. It will feel lighter.  If it is a business, just might bring more new business because you just got a good clearing.

  • Spirit Removal

    We all have spirits passing through our homes. However if you feel or see things happening in your home that you can’t explain why or maybe your hair standing up on your body some place… most likely you have a spirit that doesn’t belong there.

    This is exactly what Terry does. Removes Spirits that don’t belong there.