Mediumship Reading


In this reading, Terry brings in your Loved ones. This could be family, friends, pets or your guides.

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Mediumship reading is when Terry brings in your loved ones who have passed. This could be family, friends, or even a pets. Once she connects with your loved one, she will give you evidential information so that you will know who came in to talk with you. Once connected, she will share their personality and relationship they had with you.  Most of all specific messages of what they want to share with you. Remember, they see and hear all….

Sometimes in your reading, a loved one from the other side may not be connected to you, but to someone you know. They want you to be the messenger to share information to another person. Its a wonderful gift to bring that message to a friend or another family member.

In Terry’s readings, she brings in what your loved one’s on the other side have to say to you. They may even tell you what they are doing up above…. Life continues on the other side for them. Their soul lives on.