She was great and fun to talk to. Brought up a few things that definitely wasn’t public information- onl yyou would know. She explained how the process works and how she’s able to communicate so you can follow along and know she has a true gift
Jackie Mazza
My reading with Terry was amazing. She had me laughing and crying at the same time. She connected with my brother and both my parents. She knew so many details it was chilling. She said funny things my brother was telling her, it was exactly his personality. She told me my mother was showing her mashed potatoes and Shepherd's Pie - it was literally baking in the oven in my kitchen as we spoke! I was blown away. She knew about family Heritage and old remedies my grandmother used. She also knew about upcoming events and things that would happen at them. I could go on and on. She left me with an amazing feeling of love and comfort. She is truly gifted.
Donna Q
Terry is a wonderful soul! She helped connect me with my loved ones & gave me an amazing experience I am truly grateful for, and always will be. She was spot on & everything made sense. She mentioned things only I'd know. I look forward to booking another appointment. I will spread the word to everyone & anyone; Go to Terry!!
Jackie O
Thank you Terry for the wonderful reading, you affirmed things that I have been thinking about and bothering me. Also it was moving having my grandmother come thru and give you some
messages to pass on. A wonderful experience!
Susan M.
New York
To have a reading with Terry is a treasure. I 100% recommend Terry if you want a reading that is detailed, specific, and reveals information that no one else has been able to. I had the most amazing and clarifying reading with Terry. I still have chills. I do not know Terry personally, but she described me perfectly. She brought forth both of my grandmothers and we laughed at her accurate descriptions of their characteristics! She was capable of telling me some health related issues that have recently come up with a family member. Additionally, she solved a "mystery" that has been baffling me for years. I do not have children, but several people have told me in a reading that I have a little boy with me. I had no idea who this little boy could be. She told me exactly who this little boy is and I know she was accurate as I got "goosebumps" and began to cry immediately. It was the most amazing feeling! I am so thankful for her gift and accuracy. I would highly recommend, Terry! Just make certain that you have a box of tissue near!
Lori S.
Please don’t hesitate to get a reading from Terry. I’ve been fortunate enough to get 2 readings and she was 100% accurate in everything she said. She is so down to earth and easy to talk to, Terry I can’t think you enough for the information you gave me.
Kristina L.
New York
To reach out to my lost loved ones was probably the most vulnerable I could ever see myself being, and I’ve always been scared to do this. However, my experience with Terry was
absolutely eye opening. She gave me the most cathartic experience and her kindness was just the cherry on top of the entire experience. She made me feel at home in her office, and helped me feel comfortable in opening my heart to the experience.
Without knowing anything about me or my family, she opened up doors that I’ve kept closed for a long time, helped me look through them and heal my wounds.
The only way I can describe it is that it felt like she knew me all of her life with as much connection she had to my relatives, and to me. She truly brought me so much peace with this experience and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help connecting to someone who passed in their life.
My grandparents, and my father came through. Very personal so that’s all I’ll detail, but needless to say the experience was wonderful.
In addition, she brought up some inner conflicts in my current life that I have trouble discussing with anyone, let alone someone I’d just met.
She just knew exactly the essence of who I was, and details about my inner self that even my closest friends wouldn’t know.
Thank you Terry for your kindness, for sharing your gift, and helping me find my peace.❤️
Nikki P.
Had a reading with Terry this afternoon and she was bang on! She brought forward very accurate information that only I would know and understand and had a lot of evidence and information to support the reading. Terry has wonderful delivery and is so genuine I just loved my experience!! Highly recommend her!
Jessica W.
Terry was amazing! She was very easy to talk to and made the entire experience comfortable. I got the answers I was looking for, she is the real deal!!!
Michelle Soscia
I felt like I had no answers and Terry helped me out in a kind, loving and knowledgeable way. She listened and gave me superb advice.
T Pal
Terry was lovely and accommodating. She made me feel comfortable almost instantly. My medium experience with her was more and better than I ever thought it would be. Multiple loved ones came across with information she could not know. I took a gamble by just googling a psychic nearby and picking her, and I’m so glad we picked her out of the options in the area. I will absolutely be coming back at another time.
Michelle Hess
Terry was amazing! I had a spiritual counseling session with her and she helped me open my eyes to my problems and how to deal with them. My sister had passed 3 months ago and I felt like I didn't get the acknowledgement from her on her death bed as others did. My acknowledgement was definitely clarified through this reading. Will definitely be back.
Tina Tavella
Thank you Terry for bringing forward my father and my brother! Very accurate on point validations. Sooo perfect the message and validation of the party they would both be at. It was a wonderful gift for my mother on her birthday!
Carol D.
Terry has a Beautiful gift of speaking with spirit and past loved ones. If you are looking for spiritual guidance Terry can help you on your journey
Jackie Lynn K.
Terry is a wonderful psychic medium! She connects to your heart and to the essence of your loved ones in spirit, bringing forth great evidential memories and messages from them as well as connecting with things currently in your life. I highly recommend her!
Diane P.
Terry gave a terrific reading that hit several key truths in my life - things she could not have known even if we had been long-time friends (this was our first facetime meeting, and my first psychic reading). She definitely has a gift. I'm grateful to her for sharing, and I recommend her services.
Carolyn H.
I’ve received both Medium & Psychic Readings from Terry. She’s brought through my family members so accurately. With love, patience and integrity. And with Psychic, she helped me with
a really big life changing decision just by giving me what she was receiving. I’m grateful for you Terry. Not only as a reader but for Your friendship. Spirit Sistahs ✨
Maria M
All I can say is amazing experience, the accuracy and level of details blew me away. Thank you terry for an amazing experience. ❤️❤️❤️
Danielle C.
She was able to pick up on things about me that I hold in and don't speak out loud about. Very on point with a lot of things and was able to communicate with family of mine that had passed. Very sweet and friendly woman. ❤️
Clarissa L.
Good medium, brings through specifics from spirit and gave validation of circumstances going on around me now. Recommended.
Alice H.
In the moment as spirit has begun their conversation with Terry. Warm, that relaxing feeling and self healing takes place. As Terry shares our loved one' s messages from spirit.
Your heart smiles.
As mine did so brightly.
In gratitude and love.
Carol W.

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